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I was ecstatic when I heard about Soap&Skin's new album Narrow being released (already available here, by the way). Her debut album Lovetune for Vacuum made my Best of 2009 list, and the last thing she’s done since then was release a track with Apparat (which awesomely played during Breaking Bad’s season finale last year).

Anyway, Narrow is a darker, more experimental evolution from Lovetune for Vacuum, and sometimes the journey is both equally brilliant and frustrating. At times the music gets so murky it leaves you feeling disconnected. But other songs like “Voyage Voyage”  and “Boat Turns Toward The Port” gets the formula just right.

I wanted to highlight the track “Deathmental” because a.) it has an awesome title, and b.) it’s by far the weirdest track on the album. Enjoy!

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