Like, for instance, the ‘gravity harp,’ a series of ten-foot pendulums that are, in Björk’s words, ‘definitely the divas of the tour.’ When we talk, she’s in the middle of negotiating to bring them along for a performance on The Colbert Report, but the show can’t accommodate them; they take days to tune every time they’re moved. (They’re also big enough that the artist who built them, Andy Cavatorta, had to worry about safety: ‘I didn’t want to be that guy, the guy who killed Björk.’)

"Björk’s Big Bang," The New Yorker — An excellent piece that discusses Biophilia and her New York residency, which comes to an end March 5th. I went this past Saturday and it was amazing. I highly recommend it, even if Biophilia wasn’t your cup of tea. Hearing it live is an entirely different experience.

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