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Anatomy of a Young Adult Fantasy Novel


Was on a little hiatus during the summer, but now I’m back. As you know, National Novel Writing Month is upon us! Every year I participate in NanoWriMo, and this year is no different. A few days ago I attended a Nano Kick-Off Party where writers mingle and talk about what novels they plan to write. After speaking with several writers, I noticed a trend when it came to genre preferences: Everyone wants to write a young adult fantasy novel. That, and “zombie apocalypse” type genres (really, people?).

But it was the young adult/fantasy novelists that disturbed me the most. True, there’s definitely a market for young adult novels, and their popularity can’t be denied. You have folks like Amanda Hocking getting rich off self-published mediocre vampire e-books, and you have other authors who are lucking out with TV and film deals. To the typical starving writer who wants to get rich quick, capitalizing on the young adult market is a smart idea. So even though I can understand why authors keep writing YA fiction, I don’t understand why people keep reading them. And if you’re thinking about picking one up (as something trashy to read during a long, boring flight), here are four facts that pretty much sum up every YA/fantasy novel ever written.

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